Project: Clacton Express

Saving 309 624 From Scrap and Restoration To Working Order

The Reason for the Group's Establishment, Class 309 624 was threatened for scrap and this group is fundraising to save it for future generations. A restoration to working order is planned, But we need your help!


The Plan:

PLEASE NOTE: This Plan is not binding and may be subject to change
Short Term (within 12 months):

-Cleaning the Set

-Initial Remedial work to protect currently exposed areas of bodywork

- Replacing rotten Lino and wooden flooring

-Blanking of air pipes to enable the Airbrake System to become operational again

-Charging of batteries on the unit

-Brake, Lighting and Auxiliary tests

-Replacement of broken windows

-Unseal doors on the DTC and MBS Vehicles

- Overhaul doors to operational standard

-Lock the DTS interior out of use for the short term

At this point, barring any further work, the Unit can be used as Hauled stock and a soft relaunch into traffic can commence

Medium Term (within 3 Years):

-Full Cosmetic Overhaul including a repaint to NSE Livery funded by sales of merchandise and memberships,

At which point a more grand relaunch event is planned.

-Further work on the electrical equipment

-Refurbishing the DTS interior to Carry Passengers again, Which includes adding a small Buffet Counter

-Conversion work to allow Blue Star Operation with Air or Dual braked Diesel Locomotives

- Refurbishment of Toilets

At this point, It can be considered "Complete" for Heritage use.

At which point our Goal of Mainline operation will be Reassessed and a full feasibility study will be carried out.


How Can You Help?


Donating to the Fundraiser

By dontating to the active fundraiser, You are Helping funds tools, Equipment and parts to continually work on 624



Becoming A Member of the CEPG

By becoming a member you are supporting the group in a huge way. You will also help towards our goals with 624



Purchasing CEPG Products

By Purchasing Merchandise, you are helping towards Parts and also the big goal of a full cosmetic restoration of 624



Getting Hands On with the Unit

It's the volunteers of the group who make the biggest difference, actively helping restore 624 to its former glory