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Project: GEML: NSE

Virtual Recreation of the Colchester - Clacton / Walton route in TS20XX

Started in 2020 Ex. Train-Sim Developer Traction Studios, and now passed to us, This is a virtual recreation of the route the 309's called "Home",  From Colchester, to Clacton and Walton. It's Set in the Vibrant NSE era of the 1980/90s, but is also planned to ship with an alternative version with more generic signs, to enable you to feasibly run scenarios as early as the 1960s.


The Plan:

PLEASE NOTE: This Plan is not binding and may be subject to change
Phase 1: Colchester - Clacton / Walton

-Full Route from Colchester to Clacton

-Branches To Walton and St. Botolph's (Colchester Town)

Track layouts both Pre and Post 1982 track rationalisation

Custom Stations, Buildings, Signage and other notable structures

Set of operational "Searchlight" LNER Colour Aspect Signals

Option as standalone (for full authenticity) or merged with the GEML.

(However, note at this stage the rest of the route is untouched)

Phase 2: GEML Backdate

Phase 2 will Consist of the backdated GEML route to join onto the Sunshine Coast line

-Full Route from Liverpool St - Clacton

-Custom model of Liverpool St. Circa 1980s

-Modified RSC 506 To represent the Class 306 "Shenfield" Units

Both Phases will be sold separately with all proceeds going towards the restoration of 309 624

Both Phases will also come with an optional "Rebranding" patch, replacing all of the iconic NSE Scenery items, with plain versions,

Feasibly allowing you to recreate scenarios from the 1960s onwards

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