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The Story so Far

Preserving A Class 309

"Saving that 309 and getting it operational again? Thats an impossible task"

- Most Railway Enthusiasts...
We Jest, but we have received a large amount of comments that amount to this. And, while we always knew it wouldn't be easy, Here's The story So far on giving a First-Gen AC EMU a 3rd chance in preservation...

Our Story

Our story starts in late August 2021, with our now Chairman browsing through Facebook, Scrolling until suddenly he came across a sale advert listed on behalf of The Lavender Line by the Traction Rolling Stock Advertiser. The post listed a few vehicles the lavender line were looking to dispose of, and amongst them, "Clacton EMU 960102". Up until this point, the Chairman, who Albeit had a large interest in preservation and had made attempts at preserving items in the past, Had never had a deep understanding of AC EMUs, but He knew instantly it was of local importance. He discussed it with a colleague, with the result being "Go and ask about it" To which the chairman did. One email later and he was firmly sold on trying to save the Clacton for further preservation, especially after hearing that without Him, the unit didn't have a future... Let the fundraising Begin!

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