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Clacton Restoration Diary: No.1 | Pre-Purchase Works

So here we are! Finally writing about the long-awaited Restoration of 309 624. After many months of struggling to reach a deal, one was finally found, and it was agreed to stay at the Lavender Line for 18 months with minor Restoration work carried out by CEPG Volunteers.


How this Blog will be structured is simple: Whenever a significant amount of progress has been made (So it won't be set weekly/monthly updates), One of these will be written up. They will be split into details about each vehicle, detailing whats gone on with accompanying photos. This post covers a Month of "Pre Purchase works" between the dates of 26th February and 19th March 2022 where the deal was finalised, and a date was set for the handover. It was agreed we could begin on minimal work, as the worst that could happen at that point if the sale falls through no real harm is done as it was off for scrap without us.


DTC 75965 (977965)

This vehicle by far received 99% of the attention in the Pre-Purchase works, mostly as we know its the vehicle that will be the first to receive the cosmetic makeover, and also has the most complete interior of the set.

We started immediately by scraping off rusted areas and places where paint had bubbled or otherwise come loose. From there we tested some primer on the corner, highlighting the rough areas we then filled with filler, before sanding that back and painting again.

The Cab got its rather shabby blue painted power controller stripped back, in preparation for priming. The brake handle base got a polish and a general wipe down and clean in prep for a more thorough strip later.

The Front panel on the left side was removed after several hours of rather strong language. (We reckon this hasn't been off since the 80s rebuild, so was really tough) This was then laid to one side before taking home to prime and test out some topcoat. The Bogie also received a quick test coat with two different paints, as did one of the axle box covers.

The final week before handover was focused on the interior, and cleaning and tidying everything for the launch event planned on Saturday 19th. All the seats were vacuumed, as was the floor, tables were wiped and made clean.

However one last exterior job was giving the whole side a good wash, given we were granted space in the platform for the handover event so wanted to make best use of that. While here we also cleaned out the gutters on the Left hand side of the vehicles.

MBS 61928

No Progress to report, except exterior cleaning. DTS 75965 As mentioned prior Most of the work has gone into the DTC vehicle, however 1 week before the event something was brought to our attention which forms part of our long term goals for the vehicle. We wont say what just yet as plans may still change, but we spent a bit of time planning out the interior layout of this currently empty vehicle. We also cleaned the left side exterior of this vehicle.


Please Follow this blog to gain updates as soon as we publish, And continue to purchase memberships, Merchandise or just donate in order to fund the restoration further. We rely on your generosity to fund this, and every penny you give turns into vital tools, paint and equipment for this. - CEPG

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Used 2 travel on those great trains ,when I lived in Romford & used them 2 go 2 Colchester & Clacton most days , remember the separate compartments with sliding doors , used 2 shut the doors & pull down the blinds & have a kip, loved the maroon colour scheme outside & the wrap around drivers windows .

Me gusta
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