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Clacton Restoration Diary: No.1 | Pre-Purchase Works

So here we are! Finally writing about the long-awaited Restoration of 309 624. After many months of struggling to reach a deal, one was finally found, and it was agreed to stay at the Lavender Line for 18 months with minor Restoration work carried out by CEPG Volunteers.


How this Blog will be structured is simple: Whenever a significant amount of progress has been made (So it won't be set weekly/monthly updates), One of these will be written up. They will be split into details about each vehicle, detailing whats gone on with accompanying photos. This post covers a Month of "Pre Purchase works" between the dates of 26th February and 19th March 2022 where the deal was finalised, and a date was set for the handover. It was agreed we could begin on minimal work, as the worst that could happen at that point if the sale falls through no real harm is done as it was off for scrap without us.