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Welcome to the Website!

Hello, And Welcome to the brand new CEPG Website, Designed from the ground up. We want this to be a one-stop place for everything Clacton Express. Keep up to date with news, Fundraisers, and so much more all in one place! What's to offer on the new website:

-Project Information

Dedicated pages discussing the current projects the CEPG is undertaking. This will change and evolve, so to be sure. to check back soon.


A Handy place to find out some interesting information and facts on aspects of our group, Including a History of the Class 309's as well as the story of this group so far.

-Online Store

We have a Store! Here will be a one-stop place for any CEPG products or merchandise, both physical or digital, Any profit from purchases made will be reinvested back into the company.


Become a member of the CEPG! From £15 for a year (with concessions for students and Seniors) This is a great way to help support the Group moving forward. As well as becoming eligible to help volunteer with the group, Membership will also entitle you to lots of lovely perks.

The website is not in its final form yet, So keep an eye out for changes and future additions! -The CEPG

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