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Project: Thorpe Redevelopment Scheme

Phase 1: Save Thorpe Signalbox!

A Campaign to Save this unique Island-Mounted Signal box, and turn it into A functional museum

The Thorpe Redevelopement Scheme is a new undertaking for the group, Where we are looking to Campaign to stop the demolition of this Unique 1882 GER Type 2  Island mounted Signalbox, Currently under threat by Greater Anglia who are pursuing Demolition Consent.

Once safe, The CEPG are pursuing a grant to fund the restoration of the box and Subsequently gain a lease to use the building as a Public museum.


Currently we are seeking support in way of a Signed petition, so please, make your voice heard with us!


The Plan:

PLEASE NOTE: This Plan is not binding and may be subject to change
Short Term (within 12 months):
Medium Term (within 3 Years):

-Full Cosmetic Overhaul including a repaint to NSE Livery funded by sales of merchandise and memberships,

At which point a more grand relaunch event is planned.

-Further work on the electrical equipment

-Refurbishing the DTS interior to Carry Passengers again, Which includes adding a small Buffet Counter

-Conversion work to allow Blue Star Operation with Air or Dual braked Diesel Locomotives

- Refurbishment of Toilets

At this point, It can be considered "Complete" for Heritage use.

At which point our Goal of Mainline operation will be Reassessed and a full feasibility study will be carried out.


How Can You Help?

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