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Project : Chappel Express

Restoring BDTC 75965 and MBS 61928 to Display Condition at the
East Anglian Railway Museum

After Years of searching and negotiations, The East Anglian Railway Museum has been able to offer a long term secure Home for the BDTC and MBS. Now the group begins on the road to full cosmetic restoration to become an exhibit showcasing the history of the history of the electrified lines in Essex

Click on Each vehicle to find out more:

Driving Trailer Composite 
(GE) 75965


∆Built Aug 1962

∆Withdrawn May 2000

∆18 First Class

∆36 Standard Class

MBS 61928

∆Built Aug 1962
∆Withdrawn May 2000

∆56 Standard Class

Motor Brake Second 
(GE) 61928

Restoration Updates:
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