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Project: Virtual 309

Recreating the Class 309 EMU's in High Detail for Train Simulator 20xx

Started in 2021 by Ex. Train-Sim Developer Traction Studios, and now passed to us, This is a virtual recreation of the Iconic Class 309 EMU's. Simulated in high detail to allow everyone the chance to drive these iconic units. The DLC is planned to be split into 2 Volumes. Volume 2 will cover the original Unrefurbished units.


Planned Packs:

PLEASE NOTE: This Plan is not binding and may be subject to change
Volume 1:

Volume 1 covers the Period 1985-present, Modelling the Refurbished units, including Preservation.

Units 601-627 will all be modelled, with detail differences


London And South-East "Jaffa"

Network Southeast

Regional Railways

Regional Railways "Manchester Airport" -  (309 624 only)

First North West

Railtrack Blue/White (960 Number Series)

"Preserved" LSE (Unique to 616)

The Pack will also ship with extra Preservation liveries for 309624

Volume 2:

Volume 2 covers the Period 1962-85, Modelling the original Unrefurbished units.

Units 601-627 will all be modelled, with detail differences


BR lined Maroon

BR Blue/Grey

BR Experimental Blue Grey

The pack will also model the unique 309 "Griddle" cars that were formed into the sets at this time,

With a bonus Griddle No. 69108, which was a unique Class 123 DMU vehicle which went to unit 616 after 1970

Both Phases will be sold separately with all proceeds going towards the restoration of 309 624

Both Volumes will also include their respective interiors, with many advanced features planned. Stay tuned for updates.

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